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Year: 2018


To test the selected tools the largest manufacturers on the market of drills:

  • 40mm combo hammer drill from Bosch with SDS-Max, model RH540M;
  • 45 mm combined drill DEWALT with SDS-Max, model D25603K;
  • 40mm combo hammer drill Hilti system with active vibration reduction AVR and active torque control ATC, model TE-60-ATC-AVR;
  • 40 mm rotary hammer Makita with AVT antivibration technology, model HR4013C;
  • rotary hammer Milwaukee with SDS-Max, model 5317-21.


The testing was performed on specially prepared concrete slabs. Studied the destructive power tools and drilling speed. In practice, we evaluated the usability, ease of use, vibration, power, speed, and security features. Additionally was studied the work of vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and embedded systems.

Rotary Hammer Milwaukee

The winner for packing, picking and dust extraction system – Hilti TE-60-ATC-AVR

Storage of tools is always the same problem – difficult to achieve a balance between efficiency and the desire to always have on hand everything you need. So a huge plus if the company provides the portable box, which is a designated area for each part of the kit.

In this matter, Hilti, DEWALT and Makita that supply their kits in a well-designed cases are almost there. Circuits on inner surfaces of the suitcases Makita allows you to quickly deal with the very tool and how to use dust components. Complete DEWALT ingenious extraction system.

Finally, the Hilti brand has become the winner in this category demonstrated high quality suitcase with neat and conveniently packaged accessories with high quality.

Rotary Hammer Hilti (more…)