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To test the selected tools the largest manufacturers on the market of drills:

  • 40mm combo hammer drill from Bosch with SDS-Max, model RH540M;
  • 45 mm combined drill DEWALT with SDS-Max, model D25603K;
  • 40mm combo hammer drill Hilti system with active vibration reduction AVR and active torque control ATC, model TE-60-ATC-AVR;
  • 40 mm rotary hammer Makita with AVT antivibration technology, model HR4013C;
  • rotary hammer Milwaukee with SDS-Max, model 5317-21.


The testing was performed on specially prepared concrete slabs. Studied the destructive power tools and drilling speed. In practice, we evaluated the usability, ease of use, vibration, power, speed, and security features. Additionally was studied the work of vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters and embedded systems.

Rotary Hammer Milwaukee

The winner for packing, picking and dust extraction system – Hilti TE-60-ATC-AVR

Storage of tools is always the same problem – difficult to achieve a balance between efficiency and the desire to always have on hand everything you need. So a huge plus if the company provides the portable box, which is a designated area for each part of the kit.

In this matter, Hilti, DEWALT and Makita that supply their kits in a well-designed cases are almost there. Circuits on inner surfaces of the suitcases Makita allows you to quickly deal with the very tool and how to use dust components. Complete DEWALT ingenious extraction system.

Finally, the Hilti brand has become the winner in this category demonstrated high quality suitcase with neat and conveniently packaged accessories with high quality.

Rotary Hammer Hilti

Replacement bits – draw

A special guiding system (ATS) for pumps offered by Bosch in 1975. This revolutionary solution allows you to firmly fix the cylindrical shank of the drill or bit, just inserting it into the cartridge. While bit can do the progressive movement within the length of the groove. It is expected that cartridges all tools are standard in all respects, and hence a draw.

However, mention the model of Bosch RH540M. It has no Keyless Chuck. It is the only instrument in which you want to pull the Chuck to insert the bit. In all other models bit just inserted and pull the casing of the cartridge is necessary only when removing.

Hammer Bosch

The winner in the category of ease of use and functionality – Makita HR4013C

The category of “Ease of use” is subjective, because there are almost no quantitative comparisons. But this is an important category that is often leading have a final winner, determined on the basis of the comparison of quantitative data and characteristics.

In the model Makita HR4013C team of researchers has caused excitement and additional removable D-shaped handle, and the glowing button for the operation of a jackhammer, and just an incredible anti-vibration technology. The tool is easy to operate and it has all the bells and whistles that I would like to see the SDS rotary hammer.

Far left, and model Hilti TE-60-ATC-AVR. This punch was struck by the power, speed and the same high performance features as the model Makita. Anti-vibration technology also rose to the occasion.

Drill Makita

The winner of ergonomics – DEWALT D25603K

Model D25603K brands DEWALT impressed with the large D-shaped handle, thoroughly absorbing the force of impact, and innovative repositionable auxiliary handle. Their convenience is especially noticeable when working with large drills on a horizontal surface.

Rotary hammer HR4013C Makita brand almost catching the winner with its supporting removable D-shaped handle. Despite the fact that it is not easy to remove and put on, it significantly increases the comfort performance of complex tasks. We should also mention the ability and Hilti TE-60-ATC-AVR negate the powerful energy of the impact.

Rotary Hammer Dewalt

Crushing – the winner of the Makita HR4013C

In a powerful and convenient tool Makita HR4013C combine performance and anti-vibration technology AVT, which softens the long-term effect of vibration on the body. Unique, removable auxiliary handle D-shaped allows the user in the most convenient position to fully concentrate on the task.

In second place Hilti TE-60-ATC-AVR with unrivalled power, which can be seen but difficult to feel. During the test, crushing the operator has created a mountain of concrete shards, not feeling the impact energy of the tool. At first it was mistaken for lack of power, but in the course of further work it became apparent that the tool works at full power, but the body feels.

DEWALT is recognized as competitive due to ease of operation of a jackhammer. But in the end it loses a bit in the comfort of Makita and Hilti in power.

Drilling speed – the winner of the Hilti TE-60-ATC-AVR

To assess the speed was determined by a drilling time of five 4-inch holes. The same work was performed in turn by three different operators 4-dedicated tools drills Milwaukee 1″x12″x17″ with a SDS MAX shank and centring tip. Were taken into account, the average value of the drilling speed.

In this test won the Hilti tool ahead of its next competitor by 11 seconds. The result leveled the erroneous impression received by the operators during previous tests, and stressed the power and speed of the TE-60-ATC-AVR. The Makita HR4013C rotary hammer is only slightly behind the winner, showing the time of 2 min 37 seconds. And the third tool was a Bosch with a time of 2 min 54 sec.

Makita Bosch Dewalt Hilti Milwaukee

Dust collection and pair it with a vacuum cleaner – the winner of the DEWALT D25603K

In this category won a DEWALT hammer drill thanks to the innovative suction circuit, which is installed directly in the work area and collects dust in the place of its occurrence. This dust management system allows you to change the settings of the tool, and see the place of contact of the drill with a work area, which is often a problem with other systems of protection against dust.

Bosch has a similar system, but in this test it was not used. For dust collectors of this type in the future, but in them yet there are drawbacks. Namely, adhesion of the dust collector to the work area can adversely affect the concrete surface. What works well on a smooth clean material, causes difficulties on a rough uneven surface.

Proved in this category model Hilti with high quality dust removal system consisting of a heavy plastic and rubber parts. This system is based on the casing very effectively removes dust from the environment.

The Dust Collector Dewalt

The winner for anti-vibration protection – Makita HR4013C

Makita has achieved significant reductions in vibration, usually accompanying crushing and drilling. AVT technology is implemented in their model, combines opposed to reacting to the pressure of compressed air, a vibration-absorbing body and a cushioning spring at the base of the shock piston.

The second place team of researchers gave the model Hilti TE-60-ATC-AVR. Third – DEWALT D25603K.

Cost – ahead of D25603K DEWALT and Makita HR4013C

When it comes to buying, the cost is probably the most important factor based on which a final decision is made. And DC25603K DEWALT, and Makita HR4013C cost a little more than the most affordable model from the list, but obviously give the user more. Hilti have a very high cost compared to the rest, and the two winners go side by side with a Hilti capabilities, but at a much more affordable price.


Makita was ahead thanks to the excellent screen, excellent operating interface and several innovative features.

Hilti dominated the drilling speed and has proven its capabilities in each category. This is a fantastic punch – a powerful, fast and expensive. It is a reliable and accurate model, which is necessary to pay attention to when buying the tool.

Completes the three DEWALT D25603K. In General, it is productive, durable, powerful and convenient tool with excellent device for dust removal.